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The Outer Banks of North Carolina in a Camper Van in Winter: A Case of Bad Timing

The Outer Banks are one of the biggest travel destinations in North Carolina. White sandy beaches stretch into the distance. Colorful houses stand on skinny legs ready for flooding. And blissful buttery seafood abounds. That said, there are some places that are just not conducive to traveling in a camper van. The Outer Banks in winter just might be one of those places.

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17 Great Gift Ideas for Vanlifers and Travelers

With the holidays coming up and with more and more people joining the vanlife movement or just choosing to live a more minimalist lifestyle, many people are wondering what to get their nomadic loved ones. When you live in a van, bus, RV, or tiny home, you can’t have a lot of stuff. Here are some ideas that would make great gifts for van dwellers or any traveler on your list.  

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