Kaylee and Ian met while living in Washington, DC in 2017. Kaylee worked at a small think tank as a research assistant, and Ian worked in the tech industry. Very typical DC jobs.

On our first date, we ate deep-fried mac and cheese. On our second date, we wandered around Georgetown until we found something to do. On our third date, we went backpacking. (Fortunately neither of us were ax-murderers...) And that continues to be a pretty accurate description of the things we do.

After spending a year and half leaving the city almost every weekend to go camping, we quit our jobs, bought a van, and decided to live outdoors.

Of course it wasn't quite that simple. We spent months searching for our dream van and planning the build. We saved all our extra income for the cost of the conversion and our planned year of travel. (Ian saved for years in order to purchase the van itself.) It took us three months to convert our van into a camper. But when we were done, we had a tiny home on wheels that could take us almost anywhere we might want to go. This website is, in part, about how we made the van happen.

The other half of this websites is a blog about our travels. We'll do our best to post updates about where we are regularly, but life on the road isn't always conducive to regular website updates. We rarely have consistent WiFi access. For more regular posts, check out our Instagram.


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